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Out of fresh socks again? Solve all your sock worries in just a few clicks.

    Res(t)ock your drawer in a few minutes

  • Subscribe for fresh 3-packs every three months
  • Feel the comfort of quality combed cotton socks
  • Enjoy a stylish sock delivered in a stylish box
  • Get HUGE discounts the more socks you order

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Brown Men's Socks
20% OFF : € 3.45 per pair
Quantity: 3 Pairs
Color: Café Noir
Material: Cotton Socks
Size: 38-42

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Forget worrying about dress socks again. Ever!

best mens dress socks <!  :en  >Forget worrying about dress socks again. Ever!<!  :  >Holes on your toes, mismatched pairs, faded colors, itchy skin, loose ribbing, – chances are you’ve experienced all of those with your dress socks. You’ve probably wore them anyways, because you were on the run with no time to visit a shop. Honestly, wouldn’t it be great to forget all that and let someone else take care of your sock drawer. We offer you:

  • a selection of men’s dress socks from combed cotton - renowned for its comfort, durability and business style;
  • the chance to subscribe for regular deliveries and never run out of fresh socks again.
  • a team who are always working on making your experience with us as seamless and as satisfying as possible.

Meet the Online Socks Subscription

mens socks subscription <!  :en  >Meet the Online Socks Subscription<!  :  >Are you not tired of waking up to those mornings when all the fresh socks you have are one black, one blue and one you do not even remember buying? And when the guys in the office notice your mismatched socks, do you jokingly blame it on the mythical creature residing in your washing machine? We have been there enough times ourselves, to take action and come up with the perfect solution, an online socks subscription for men’s dress socks.

Receive high quality socks at regular time intervals – the essence of the subscription plan we offer you. The socks subscription service is the same as a newspaper or a magazine one. You choose the product, the place you want it delivered and the time intervals between deliveries. TheSocks takes care of everything else.

The benefits of our service extend beyond saving you time and shopping headaches. Every subscription gives you a discounted price on each pair as well as no shipping cost associated with it. If you are still not convinced, find out why others chose us and forgot ever worrying about socks again.

Dress Socks Delivered with Style

thesocks dress socks <!  :en  >Dress Socks Delivered with Style<!  :  >We have attempted to optimize every aspect of your online-shopping experience and deliver best value. From testing hundreds of pairs before offering you the ones we gladly wear ourselves, to designing a package that is suitable for a gift to the ones you care about. Why shouldn’t you get a kick out of unwrapping your dress socks? And why shouldn’t your dear ones as well, when you choose to present them with the daily comfort that is TheSocks? The elegant package, delivered to any doorstep makes for a warm gift to a colleague, business partner or a cherished family member.  ↑ back to top