How we make your socks



Our yarns

Our socks are made with the highest quality yarns we can find. We only use yarns, which are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Class I) certified, tested for no harmful substances. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate ensures all yarns are made of organic material.

World-class Machines

The yarns are then transformed into socks by the world’s leading sock-making machines - the Italian Lonati. The Lonati factory employs 650 specialised staff, producing approximately 8,000 - 9,000 hosiery machines each year and has 50 models in production. Using their machines ensures the highest quality we are always aiming for.

Precision Engineering

To give you an idea what goes into our socks, here is part of what the Lonati machines are doing:

  • Computer-based programming of sock programs, patterns, style and fabric quality;
  • Machine memory of up to various different styles with 8 sizes per style;
  • Electronic needle selection system;
  • Adjustment of fabric quality via electronically controlled step motor;
  • Automatic turning device;
  • Anti-pin hole on activation/deactivation;
  • Automatic size control

Attention to Detail

After engineering the sock base, the toe is hand-linked to the base for optimal comfort, Then the rest of the finishing touches are done like enhancing the heel and toe, sewing an additional inner band inside the elastic band, knitting in the logo and the name of the sock and steam-washing it for optimal feel and look. The ready socks are then manually straightened and formed before further inspection.

Guaranteed Quality

After the socks are ready, the factory personnel performs the initial quality control. Then we go to the factory and perform an additional quality check by measuring the sizes, checking for defects, colour match and general look and feel. Anything we don’t like, we return for re-work.

Packaged with Care

Our packaging is uniquely designed by our engineers to optimize weight, paper use, protection, and size. They fit perfectly in most mailboxes, which guarantees your socks will be delivered to your door.

Stylish Looks

We keep a few pairs, so we can make some nice pictures of the socks for this website :) This is us with our photographer trying out different positions for best look (not as easy as it looks) :)

In All Their Glory

After travelling thousands of miles, being handled by tens of people, passing rigorous quality checks and being neatly wrapped in our beautiful package, the socks await to be shipped to your home. Impressed? Get yours now!